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Five Best Hockey Player Gifts For 2024

Gear up for a game-changing year on the ice with our guide to the best hockey gifts for 2024. 

This article was written with special occasions in mind, making it an ideal guide for finding the perfect gift for the hockey player in your life—whether it's for a birthday, milestone achievement, or any other noteworthy event. 

From incredible innovations like the Pushboard and RocketGrip to outstanding products such as Rezztek, Barrel Hockey sticks, and the latest gear from Hockey Revolutions, this list makes sure that gifting any of these items to a hockey enthusiast would gear them up with top-notch equipment for an unparalleled on-ice experience. 



The Pushboard stands out as a game-changer for hockey players and sports enthusiasts alike. This innovative training device combines advanced technology with practical design to enhance skating performance and agility. Its adjustable resistance levels allow users to tailor their workouts, making it suitable for players of all skill levels.  

Beyond the rink, the Pushboard is an excellent gift for anyone looking to boost their overall fitness and balance. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to home workouts, providing a dynamic and engaging way to stay active.  


 Pushboard hockey


The Pushboard is a versatile training tool featuring two functional sides: the Balance side and the Pushup side. 

The Balance side boasts a flat surface covered with anti-slip cork, offering excellent stability for balance exercises.  



On the Pushup side, handles and strategically placed holes target essential muscle groups during balance-pushup training.  



Effortlessly switch between exercises by rotating the board in either direction. 


Included in the set are three handles with cozy rubber bars, serving as regular handles on the Pushup side or static balance points for advanced pushups.  



The sturdy cork-covered roll, an essential component, supports balancing exercises and doubles as a post-workout massage roll.  




The complete set comprises one Pushboard with two sides, three adaptive handles, and one sturdy cork roll. 





RocketGrip stands out as an ideal gift for hockey players, offering an amazing solution to enhance their game. Its glove-friendly design minimizes wear and tear on hockey gloves, reducing the frequency of replacements and ensuring that players can maintain the integrity and longevity of their gear throughout a super active gameplay. 


RocketGrip provides a customizable experience with its innovative grip types.  

The HOLE Grips feature a solid and firm feel with hole technology, delivering a locked-in sensation when needed.  


The RUBBER Grips strike a balance between tennis tape and silicone grips, offering a rubbery texture that enhances handling. 


Introducing a new addition, the FABRIC Grips provide a tape-like feel with reinforced structural filaments for a firm hold.  


RocketGrip surpasses traditional tape with its innovative design and versatile options, providing a glove-friendly and durable solution that not only enhances stick handling but also offers players a fully customizable grip tailored to their preferences, making it the superior choice for hockey enthusiasts. The great thing about it is that you can fully customize it for the person you are gifting to, ensuring a thoughtful and personalized present for any avid hockey player. 

Beyond hockey, RocketGrip extends its excellence to other sports, including lacrosse, tennis, and fishing, ensuring athletes across various disciplines can benefit from its advanced grip technology. With its versatility, durability, and glove-friendly design, RocketGrip emerges as a standout gift for any dedicated hockey player seeking to elevate their performance. 



Rezztek® stands as a great gift for hockey players, changing the game with its innovative material for hockey stick blades. 

Rezztek® is a game-changer for hockey sticks, replacing traditional tape with a design that's 50% lighter and thinner. It's been scientifically proven to boost shot speed, accuracy, and puck control.  

With four special layers crafted for top performance and water-resistant features, Rezztek® ensures a consistent high-level performance throughout the entire game. It's an interesting gift for any hockey player looking for a lighter, more effective alternative to regular tape. 


Rezztek® - A high performance grip for your hockey stick – Rezztek North America 


As a result, Rezztek® not only provides players with a lightweight and durable alternative to traditional tape but also offers tangible improvements in key aspects of their game, making it a great and forward-thinking gift for any hockey enjoyer. 



Barrel Hockey and its signature Barrel Hockey Sticks present an excellent gift opportunity for hockey players. With a focus on innovation and quality, Barrel Hockey Sticks stand out as a reliable and high-performance choice, offering a combination of advanced technology and durability.  

A hockey stick always makes a great gift for hockey players. Barrel Hockey offers three types of sticks—MYST ONE PRO, MYST ONE, and MYST ONE LITE. 


The MYST ONE PRO hockey stick, designed for elite-level play, boasts a Hybrid Mid Kickpoint and a lightweight construction, weighing in at an impressive 380 grams. Combined with an Optimized Carbon Fiber Lay Up, this stick ensures a dynamic and powerful performance on the ice, providing players with the perfect blend of precision and agility. 


The MYST ONE hockey stick caters to elite and amateur players alike, featuring a Hybrid Low Kickpoint and a lightweight construction with an Optimized Carbon Fiber Lay Up, combining precision and versatility. Weighing 410 grams, this one-piece stick provides consistent flex, complemented by a full cover grip for enhanced control. 


The MYST ONE LITE hockey stick, tailored mainly for amateur players, seamlessly combines features such as a Hybrid Low Kickpoint, lightweight construction with an Optimized Carbon Fiber Lay Up, and a Strengthened Blade Core. Prioritizing durability, this stick, weighing 550 grams, provides a balanced feel—an accessible option for amateur players seeking both quality performance and the added touch of a Barrel Custom design. 


These sticks are accessible to a broad range of players, making them an ideal gift for any hockey enthusiast seeking an edge in their performance without breaking the bank. 

Beyond sticks, Barrel Hockey extends its appeal with a touch of humor in its merchandise, allowing fans to showcase their support for both the brand and the sport in style. 


The combination of quality, affordability, and a sense of humor makes Barrel Hockey a standout choice for hockey players and fans alike. 




Hockey Revolution is a great force in the world of hockey training equipment, known for its commitment to elevating player development through innovative tools. With a strong emphasis on quality and the endorsement of professional players and coaches, Hockey Revolution has established itself as a trusted brand, offering enthusiasts reliable training solutions to enhance their skills and excel on the ice. 

Here are the two options for advancing your hockey skills: Hockey Revolution's My Enemy and My Enemy PRO. 

Now, for the hockey enthusiasts seeking the perfect gifts, explore the dynamic duo that could revolutionize your game. 


My Enemy: Hockey Revolution offers the My Enemy, a great training tool designed to sharpen hockey skills.  

This device challenges players with its ribbed structure, encouraging the development of soft hands and precise stickhandling.  

Created and tested by professional hockey players and coaches, My Enemy offers a top-tier learning experience, helping players refine their techniques and become more adept on the ice. 

My Enemy PRO: Taking skill enhancement to the next level, Hockey Revolution presents the My Enemy PRO. 

This advanced training tool builds on the success of the My Enemy with additional features for a comprehensive training experience. With patented technology and seven ribs, My Enemy PRO continues to foster soft hand development while offering an extra layer of challenge for seasoned players. 

Crafted and tested by professionals, it ensures a high-quality training experience. Its durability and portability make on/off-ice training accessible, solidifying My Enemy PRO as an exceptional gift for hockey enthusiasts aiming to elevate their game and master essential skills. 



We hope we've provided you with some ideas for the hockey player gifts. Whether it's enhancing their performance on the ice or adding a touch of style to their gear, finding the ideal gift can make their experience even more enjoyable. 

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