Hockey industry has been dominated by Big Dogs for long long time... and we have grown used to subtle increase in them taking advantage of us!

As a few guys passionate for the game we thought... why wouldn't we create something that really has the best interest of Hockey Players in mind?

And there are many more questions that need to be answered on the way:

It was time to dig deep and find the real reasons for these things...

Let's solve these Mysteries!

So we turned to the "Pros" for help.

Enter: Barrel Hockey ambassadors. This army of amateur players is the reason this brand is here - The secret to our Mystery!

  • Chose necessary

  • Tested multiple

  • Helped with

  • Kept pushing
    for more

  • In hockey it is all about community, so we welcome everyone!

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Our goal is simple

Make stick breaking less tearful

Discovering the unparalleled thrill of skating on ice with your brand new, gleaming hockey stick is the best feeling ever... but braking it or paying for it is much worse than warm beer. So we are on a mission to make this less ouchy.