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Product Specifications

Level: Amateur

Kickpoint: Hybrid Low Kickpoint

Shaft Technology: Lightweight construction, Optimized Carbon Fiber Lay Up

Blade Technology: Strenghtened Blade Core

Construction: One-piece offering consistent flex

Grip: Full cover

Durability Features: Reinforced materials in high-impact areas to prevent breakage. Anti-splintering technologies for added durability.

Lenght: 66'' (167 cm)

Weight: 550 grams

Design: Barrel Custom

Warranty: 30-DAY LIMITED EU WARRANTY If a claim is submitted within 30 days of purchase, BARREL Hockey will provide a one-time replacement of your stick if damaged due to a manufacturer defect. Please also note, that warranty will be voided, if the stick has been used on concrete or asphalt.


Experience the thrill of true beer league domination with our top-tier hockey stick. Crafted to unleash your inner Gretzky, this stick isn't just an accessory – it's your ultimate weapon for success, both on the ice and at the post-game celebration.

  • Precision Power: Every shot becomes a masterpiece with our stick's precision-engineered design. Say goodbye to wild shots and hello to accurate snipes that'll have your opponents seeing stars.
  • Lightweight Agility: Our stick's lightweight construction ensures nimble stickhandling and lightning-fast maneuverability. Glide across the ice like a seasoned pro and leave defenders in your wake.
  • Flex Finesse: Experience the perfect stick flex that delivers an explosive release for your shots. It's like adding an extra helping of finesse to your game, making every shot a potential game-changer.
  • Durability on Ice and Off: Built to withstand the rigors of beer league battles, our stick stands strong even in the most intense moments. And yes, it can handle a celebratory post-game dance or two.
  • Slick Style: It's not just about performance – our stick boasts sleek aesthetics that'll have you looking as good as you play. From jaw-dropping dekes to raising a toast, this stick has style in spades.
  • The Ultimate Wingman: Whether you're dishing out assists or raising a glass with your teammates, our stick is there to support your every move. It's not just a tool; it's your partner in beer league greatness.


If you are on a budget or just an occasional hockey player, then MYST ONE LITE stick is for you. A bit heavier but still a great performance stick.

(see more details below)


Your gear will be hitting your doorstep as soon as possible. And when it does, it's time to suit up, hit the ice, and let the magic begin!


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  • Processing time
    Be informed that order processing time is not included in the Shipping time. Processing time can be as low as 1 business day (February - September) - 7 business days (October - January).
  • Production time
    For pre-orders or coming soon orders: from 2 weeks - 1 month. For such orders, there will be an expected order arrival time set beforehand.


  • BARREL products are shipped by DPD shipping and the price depends on the shipping method you choose. It will be calculated at the checkout.
  • Free shipping is available for orders above 250 EUR.


Easy on your hands

One of the main characteristics of top end sticks is the weight, so we have put in a lot of work to make our sticks as lightweight as possible. At as little as 380 grams, our MYST ONE sticks are one of the lightest pro sticks available.


Life-long friend

Besides being lightweight it is important for pro stick to be resilient and resistant to high pace and strength of the game, so we have carried out extensive tests to ensure the longevity of our sticks.


Beauty in simplicity

We are strong believers in the performance over design, but it still is no secret that minimalistic is now in a trend. Our sticks have little details that do not take your attention away from the game, but look great in your hands.

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